Warranty & Refund Protection Plan

If purchased, the Warranty & Refund Protection Plan provides coverage for the Invisible Hearing Aid product during the term of the extended warranty (2 years) from the date of purchase. The customer receives 1 free replacement or repair, pays no fee for repair or accessories, and is eligible for 100% Refund Protection so long as the item is returned within 30 days of the customer’s delivery date. The customer pays no refund fee in the event of a return.

If any defects are discovered in the product within the warranty period (provided the customer has purchased the Warranty & Refund Protection Plan), Invisible Hearing Aid will either repair the defect or replace the product. Invisible Hearing Aid will have sole discretion in determining whether a defective product or product part will be either repaired or replaced under this warranty. The buyer is responsible for shipping any defective product or product part to Invisible Hearing Aid for repair or replacement. Invisible Hearing Aid will ship repaired or replaced product to the buyer at no charge. All expedited shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Buyer is responsible for adequate packaging of the product to prevent damage.
Coverage includes loss and accidental damage and repairs due to electrical or mechanical failure.
Coverage limit: Single replacement/repair – (1) loss/accidental damage beyond repair or repair over warranty term Invisible Hearing Aid